Silipos Digital Pads On A Strip - Free Shipping

Silipos Digital Pads On A Strip - Free Shipping
Item# SIL-1106-7
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Product Description

The Digital Pads On A Strip have the same benefits as our leading-edge digital pads and corn pads but are more cost effective because they are in a continuous strip that you custom cut. The seamless elastic sleeves are simple to cut with a sharp scissor and will not fray. The molded disc of Silipos soothing and moisturizing gel is ideal for corns, blisters, nail bed injuries, and calluses. The gel cushions and protects providing relief from shear and abrasive forces. Available in different sizes with 2 strips per package that are approximately 24 long to accommodate all digits.

Small/Medium - Lesser toes or fingers Large/X-Large - Hallux (big toe) or thumb