Pedifix Gel Hammer Toe Crest - Free Shipping

Pedifix Gel Hammer Toe Crest - Free Shipping
Item# PED-P302X
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Product Description

Comforts Crooked Toes with Gel. Gel Hammer Toe Cushion instantly supports your hammer, claw, mallet and/or arthritic toes with durable gel to make you stand and walk more comfortably. Its soft, curved pad eases pressure on toe tips to help prevent corns, calluses and blisters. It can also soothe related forefoot pain. A reinforced ring slips easily over your toe for secure positioning. Product fits comfortably in shoes. Washable and reuasable. 1 per package.

GelSmartTM Toe Crests • Ease discomfort from hammer, claw and mallet toes • Flexible loop fits easily over toe to stay in place • Durable, hypoallergenic, washable and reusable • Gel retains shape - will not deform or degrade with use

Single -1 per package

Small/Right # 3025-M Small/Left # 3026-M Medium/Right # 3027-M Medium/Left # 3028-M Large/Right # 3029-M Large/Left # 3030-M Universal - One Size #3035-M

Fits Shoe Sizes Small Medium Large Women’s 4-7 8-10 11+ Men’s — 6-8 9+