Pedifix Gel Ball-Of-Foot Cushions - P310 - Free Shipping

Pedifix Gel Ball-Of-Foot Cushions - P310 - Free Shipping
Item# P310

Product Description

Your ball-of-foot pain will step aside when you slip these comfortable pads into your shoes. They will immediately absorb shock, reduce pressure, and help prevent calluses while massaging your feet with every step. Self-adhesive backings keep them in place. 1 pair per package.

Insert cushions into forefoot area of shoes. Test for comfort. Initially, you may experience a unique sensation when wearing this product. If so, wear them for short intervals and gradually increase wearing time with each use until your feet become accustomed to the cushions.

For permanent placement: Remove the protective backing from the self-adhesive area, properly position each insole in footwear and press firmly to secure bonding.


One size fits most.


Product may be wiped with a clean, slightly-damp cloth. Allow the product and footwear to air dry completely before reuse.


This product contains liquid, therefore it is not recommended for use during continual high-impact activities. Note: liquid gel is non-toxic.