These foam boots help eliminate pressure and universal from left to right foot. Different styles are ideal for treating diabetic pain or immobilization.

North Coast Medical Heelift Suspension Boot
North Coast Medical Heelift Suspension Boot
Item# NCM-NC1850X

Product Description

Designed to relieve heel pressure. Heelift Suspension Boots eliminate pressure by lifting the heel with an elevation pad and suspending it in a protective space. Ideal for people who are immobile, or suffer from diabetes, cardiovascular disease or dietary deficiencies. Other indications are foot drop, flaccid paralysis (non-spastic), pre- and post-operative hip fractures and skin grafts. Padded Velcro straps allow for easy adjustments. In addition to the Standard Heelift Suspension boot there are two other models available. Petite model is designed for pediatric patients or for patients who are smaller in weight and height. Bariatric is designed specifically for bariatric patients (patients who weigh up to 600 lbs). Use the Eggcrate Foam for a slightly cooler boot. Choose the Smooth Foam for sensitive skin or edematous legs. Boots are made of thick, open-cell foam. Universal for right or left. This item is non-returnable