Medi-Dyne Pro Stretch - Step Stretch Double

Medi-Dyne Pro Stretch - Step Stretch Double
Medi-Dyne Pro Stretch - Step Stretch Double
Item# MDY-S00201

Product Description

Suffering from Heel Pain, Shin Splints, Tight Calves or Achilles Tendonitis?

Strengthen, Stretch, and Rehab Like a Pro with the Original ProStretch¨ --

The #1 Preferred Lower Leg Stretching Device by Professional Athletes, Trainers, and Physical Therapist World Wide.

Proven Effective The Original ProStretch's unique stretching system has been proven to stretch lower leg muscles easier and far more effectively than conventional methods. This improved flexibililty and range of motion helps relieve, rehab and alleviate plantar fasciitis, shin splints, tight calves, and Achilles tendonitis as well as enhance overall performance.

#1 Choice of PTÕs, ATÕs and Athletes Worldwide PTÕs, ATÕs and athletes have recognized that the Original ProStretch helps reduce the risk of injury when used before and after exercise. ThatÕs why youÕll find the Original ProStretch on the sidelines of professional and collegiate level sporting events and in PT clinics worldwide.

Easy to use, Affordable and Portable The Original ProStretchÕs patented rocker design automatically holds the foot in the optimal position for proper stretching. ProStretch is lightweight and easy to take to the game, the office or the gym.

Increase your Stretching Options with ProStretch Double

The Original ProStretch Double allows you to vary stretching levels, exercises and time spent by exercising both feet simultaneously.

ProStretch provides relief for:

¥ Heel Pain & Plantar Fasciitis ¥ Shin Splints ¥ Achilles tendonitis

¥ Strained Calf ¥ Ankle weakness ¥ Fallen Arches ¥ Inflexibility

Instruction manual included. Instructional DVD also available.