Kinesio Tex Taping Kit - Free Shipping

Kinesio Tex Taping Kit - Free Shipping

Product Description

Kit Contains Two rolls of Kinesio® Waterproof Tex Tape Color: **sellers choice**, 2" x 5 yd ; 6 each skin prep and adhesive remover. This Kit comes in Clinical Non-Retail packaging NOT in box.


* Kinesio Taping® is based on the science of Kinesiology. The taping method and tape allow the body and muscles to move while assisting rehabilitation. The Kinesio Taping® method involves applying a specialized tape from origin to insertion, or insertion to origin over muscles to decrease pain and inflammation, reduce muscle fatigue and support muscles in movement 24 hours a day. This non-restrictive type of taping allows full range of motion. Kinesio Taping® is part of a complete patient assessment and rehabilitation program. * For conditions such as: * • Rotator cuff injury • Achilles tendonitis • Low back strain/spasm • Patella tracking • Carpal tunnel syndrome • Lymphedema * Key points for taping: * • Elongate the muscle area prior to application • Apply in increments: place, peel, apply, and rub over tape • Less pull and stretch is better • For best results, apply at least 20 minutes prior to activity * Characteristics of Kinesio Tex Tape®: * •140% elasticity • Heat-activated adhesive • Air circulating waves • Durable: Each application lasts 3 to 4 days • Water resistant • Latex free • Light: Thickness similar to that of skin